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KoRn live @ Bataclan / English version

pierrotlalune@w-fenec.orgKoRn playing is a venue as small as France's Bataclan is worth to be noticed. But if New Metal is not anymore on the top of music industry, bands are still there and KoRn is still able to kick 80,000 asses. Follow the leaders...

Interview with Fieldy, done. Photo pass, done. The "to do list" is filled and I'm finally ready for an unusual gig of the Californians. To play in front of 80,000 kids is more like a KoRn thing than playing a small venue of 3,000 people. But hey, that's how it is, and we're not gonna see KoRn in such a tiny venue for a long time.
Inside, it is hot as hell. The (French) support band, Joe Kill Jack, was nothing but the kind of band expected as a proper support for KoRn. On stage, the music is unexciting. Truth, the audience wondering if the support is not a last-minute choice. Twenty minutes later, it's quite a release.

"God dammit I'm already sweating and nothing's going on". The air is sultry as the venue turns to obscurity, while keyboards play a strange layer of dissonance. The show kicks off with "Right now", and the pit is instantaneously bouncing. It is nuts! On stage, John is amazing (thanks to oxygen he breathes once in a while?), sings right, doesn't forget the lyrics.
We keep going, as Munky is truly insane, moving all around his side of the stage and interacting with the first rows. His Sparrow-like make up didn't stay too long, as we going through Thoughtless or Freak On a leash (what a damn fuck'in heavy break!). It's actually hard to find anything to say so far, the performance is astonishing and the crowd is completely fucked up.
For me the temptation is too hard. A quick stop at the wardrobe for my (really expensive) camera and I eventually join the people in the pit. Just in time for "Coming undone" and its Queen cover in the bridge, and later Helmet in the bush, a song I waited for years to be played by the band. It is a blast, everyone is bouncing, trying not to be too affected by the unbearable heat. "How are you doing you sweaty motherfuckers???", John is obviously inspired by the conditions of that evening. Time to end the main set: "Here to stay", "Y'all want a single" hit the speakers as massive as they are on records. The crowed receives a last hammer before the band to go offstage. And came back a few minutes later.
"Aaaarrrrreeee Youuuuu Reeeaaadddyyyy!!!" bloody hell, "Blind" is pretty intense! Everyone, on stage and in the audience, is feeling the pain after an hour of show. But it still goes on with Got the life and finally Another Brick In The Wall.

Ok, those who saw KoRn before were quite disappointed. Ok, the set list was not surprising at all. Ok they are getting old. But it was a damn blast, man.

Want some photos?


Huge thanks to Sebastien Paquet. Hi to FX and Guillaume from NPTH

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