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Hewitt - Sacred Heart

French are often considered as over thinking people. Or dirty. And romantic. That's as far as it gets. Hewitt are most definitely a dirty band, but forget "over thinking" and "romantic". This is straight-in-your-face metal, something France didn't experience for quite a long time now. New metal just disappeared there and deathcore didn't hit the country yet (did it?). A little late on the trend, you'd say. Hewitt is probably a pretty good transition for anyone waiting for a rising deathcore band.

First album "Sacred Heart" digs into the roots of metal as well as in the latest subgenres like metalcore to create what is to be called a damn efficient album. The production is a little bit tight, especially on guitars, but as a whole, it sounds like a 10 tons hammer. One who listens won't feel that much ready for such a rush of heaviness, hooks, catchy choruses and a massive amount of screaming. The pace of the album is truly amazing; only one or two songs calm the rhythm the band took on this first musical journey. The thing is that there's no big surprise around the corner, but the structures of the songs go constantly from riff to riff, creating an homogeneous feeling, even though there's a lot going on under the surface. So brace yourself people, for Hewitt are a band to keep an eye on.

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