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Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season

It's been two years since Suicide Season is out, and Bring Me The Horizon have proven that they are worth the listen. Whatever the Brits look like, whatever annoying comments on how they're not metal have been made, Suicide Season is a straight answer to their detractors: BMTH are heavy as fuck.

The tunes are not as technical as on Count Your Blessings, but the guitar riffs, for they are much more like bass lines than powerchords, create a musical synergy that turns BMTH's deathcore into something easy to get to. There are still moments like "No need for introductions...", where you need to buckle up before getting slapped in the face by over a minute of grindcore and hooks, but the whole album contains a shitload of heavy and catchy riffs. Not to mention the downtuning, which gives enough depths for Oli Sykes to use a little more space on the vocals than previously. From screaming to growling, the singer enhanced his voice range, for the best.
"Chelsea smile", the longest song of the album, is probably the symbol of what BMTH intended to do on their second record. It combines powerful vocals, hooks, crushing riffs, an overwhelming break, and orchestrations on the bridge. Five minutes of pure adrenaline.
I personally can't get enough of Suicide Season. Probably the best way to grasp how metal is evolving around 2010.

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