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Publié le 08/07/2010 à 17:04
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Noïd @ Mondo Bizarro

Fact : the Mondo Bizarro is quite an historical place. Fact : Noïd already played there more than a couple of times. So what then ? Well they did not just play as good as they usually do, they reached another level.

Big show are great, aren't they ? You stand in front of a PA of the size of a freaking building. You're at least 30 meters (yes, Canadian people, I'm on your side) away from the band. There's a big set up on stage, fireworks, big lights and everything. Question : would the band be as good if there was not all this halo of entertainment ? Hmm ?

Well, if you have to figure whether a band is good or not, get yourself in the position of watching the aforementioned band in a club. And you'll witness. Late June was the occasion for me to see if Noïd were growing or not. And they are.

In such a club where there's no light show, little room to fool around, and where you need to survive the heat, Noïd made quite a good impression. The new songs are stunning, going from quiet to intense, from anger to softness. And if it's not some kind of Dillinger Escape Plan show up there, the fact that the four of them play and sing doesn't low the quality of the show. It was a "finished already ?" type of gig, an hour of pure energy. The kind of show where you go to the bar afterwards with a big smile on your face.

So yes, Noïd finally made it to a new level, probably thanks to extended rehearsals in march. And it's about time ! They deserve it.


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