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Paroles de Sackcloth ’n’ashes (Sixteen Horsepower)

i seen ya in your red room laughin'
with your shinin' coffee can
so many wrongs all kinds a goins on
held my head an ran
but i hid and did a bit more lookin'
saw ya dancin' on the pine porch creakin'
mouth open an doors down wide
here's what was inside
i seen what i saw
an these things i do are wrong, that's all
an these tales i tales i tell are tall
then i climbed up on the big horse strapin'
put the spur down to blood
he took off 16 horses strong
left me lyin' in mud
an there i sit until the sun's up shinin'
yes an black stands my ride
twenty hands high
an watchin' spookeyed
my hands on his side

ain't none ever seen the face of his foe no
he ain't made of flesh & bone
he's the one who sits up close beside you
an when he's there you are alone
every man is evil yes an every man is a liar
an unashamed with the wicked tongues sing
in the black soul choir
yes an no man ever seen the face of my lord no
not since he left his skin
he's the one you keep cold on the outside girl
he's at your door let him in
o i will forgive your wrongs
yes i am able
an for my own i feel great shame
i would offer up a brick to the back of your head boy
if i were cain


o the sky grey orange
an the walls stained blue
an i laid right down on the golden satin with you
into sween dark circles of beautiful eyes
i go round
o lord
i go round
will you tell me once again
cream white skin
you are my friend
i seen you walkin' and your white hips sway
o girl i will have you no more
to the moan in your voice
not a charm do you lack
your skin to touch as a black ravens back
but i cannot go far with these words as they rhyme
as to tell, of the pleasure, your hand in mine
an i pray as i say this song in this way
that your eyes they would close an your head begin to sway
an you'll feel how he heals with his blood on our skin
i am yours lady scrawled an thin
will you tell me once again
cream white skin
you are my friend
i seen you walkin' in your husband's way
girl i will have you more

come to my house an we'll pick bones
there hands outside ready with stones
come to my yard
i got whiskey an chirs
we'll sit on the porch
as the good men stare
you ain't never spoke true
i shake an angry fist at you
you are not needed here
to help me feel low down
i'm doin' it fine all on my own
i her you cryin' from cradle to coffin
an for you there'll be no stoppin'
i see you lyin' in a pine box with bitter words
that's how the boy talks

Blue ruthie lingle take me home
Sad eyed suzanna take me home
Legs, thighs an navel you're the only one
Goddess samantha take me home
black eyed rebecca take me home
here buxom gretta take me home
the curse of those red lips o me
leah samantha take me home
meek mother mary take me home
sweet sister sarah take me home
underneath the floor boards
down here eatin' dirt
seduce me samantha take me home

here ain't nothin' that ain't in my way
an like the fool i am for my own gain i pray
you say you found, a way back inside my closet
ol' bones upon bones an joints upon sockets
yep yey
i am an honest man when i ain't lying
i am a living man when i commence to dyin'
bring it down bring it down on me
put me on a high horse so everyone can see
then kick the nag an leave me be
swingin' from the tree
listen good people i'll tell you some truth
i got no reason to lie to you
i'm as clean as a hounds tooth
i still love the woman of my youth
the lord on my behalf doth pray
he's with me even in harm's way

i can sense it all around me
there's somethin' in this room
it ain't magic nor no witchcraft
no bitch on no broom
look see his bones are gone
he done left the grave
the grip of death it could not hold him down no
it's for him that i rave
my knees was made for kneelin'
an that's just what they'll do
one of these days little girl
i'll go down an pray for you
look see his bones are gone
he's done all my dyin'
sometimes hope's so strong in me girl
i commence to cryin'
o my brothers
these are the great dust bowl days
just take a gander round ya
everything in a wicked haze
"the wind blows like the devil when it blows
an a boy grows up an like the wind he goes"

i'm diggin' you a shallow grave
an to the sun your face i'll raise
i'm diggin' you a shallow grave
one hundred buzzards buzzin'
i seen death hangin' from the tallest tree
eyes closed no lookin' back at me
ye they came an took him in the night
the one who kissed em was greed
o everyone will see
an everyone will know
boy you reap what you sow
i'm diggin' you a shallow grave
an on your rotten bones i'll raise
yellow daisies
for my true loves hair
one hundred buzzards buzzin'
i see death runnin' from his majesty
o lord where is the fear in me
in between your praying hands
you hold the skeleton key

i've grown tired, of the words of the single man
hangin' lifeless on his every word -- o man
you don't understand dear man
the little angel held out her hand
sayin' father, father i love you
o praise jesus i got her
ok yeah billygoat an we'll play farm
i didn't mean to spirit stiff you
nor to doy you no harm
you say you've got a bone to pick
well, there's plenty showin' on me
come on up yeah bring your temper boy
we'll see, we'll see
yeah you may be the only one come on son
bring your blade and your gun
and if i die by your hand
i've gotta home in glory land


are ya listenin' boy the man he hung see
you've heard it said that's what he done for me
did ya hear that girl -- the man he calls your name
you best go to him it's he not me can loose your chains
then we'll commence to walk sometime in prison shoes
we'll walk an walk an walk away our blues
ida done better
from cradle to coffin
in between there's just too much walkin'
i ain't no odd man out -- junk hiding junk
i ain't nothin' to speak of
just put it in the back an leave it off the rack
no i ain't what you're used to
did ya taste that boy
that blood is as sweet as wine
yeh i got it on me all the time
we'll do some runnin' too
you me an ruby-lu
spin black blades an i'll unwind
just let me go to sleep the lord my soul to keep
don't talk just keep it on your mind
can't you see that sun shinin' in your face has the same
he came an took your place
but you don't give a rip an down to hell you slip
you squack and squack boy you lost your grip

high fiddle high fiddle low fiddle low
there's a ghost bound in my soul
high fiddle high fiddle low fiddle low
there's a cold blade on my crow
a crooked in my walk a stumble in my talk
is what i'm after little girl
metal on the red overcast in head
i'm goin' down an feelin' ill
high fiddle high fiddle low fiddle low
there's a girl that i know
you ain't never had one i don't believe you will
this is your season for standin' still
metal on the red overcast in head
i'm goin' down an feelin' ill
see boys i've known her from way back
back when she was dead
tongues on fire spoke the word
darkness left her head
holy my other hand that's a fuckin' joke
like steel cold knife on the bridge of strife
were the words i spoke

the strong man he will kneel down
whalst angels strip him of cloak and crown
through bitter lips come vile breath
he is the last one to confess
there will be no pity for him
we must kill him where he stands
no there will be no mercy for him
nor for any of his klan
let there be no hesitation
get a rope an make it quick
each last breath come from his mouth
i will beat it out with a stick
pray boy you've no reservations
the word will be carried out
he is the one who brought down the son
let there be no doubt
there is power wonder workin' power
in the blood of the lamb
there is power wonder workin' power
in the precious blood of the lamb
he's seated on the right hand

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