MetallicA / Hardwired...To self-destruct

LP : Hardwired...To self-destruct
Date de sortie : 18/11/2016
Disque 1
Atlas, rise!
Now that we're dead
Moth into flame
Am I savage?
Halo on fire
Disque 2
Dream no more
Here comes revenge
Murder one
Spit out the bone
Disque 3 (edition Deluxe)
Lords of summer
Riff charge (Origines du riff)
N.W.O.B.H.M. A.T.M. (Origines du riff)
Tin shot (Origines du riff)
Plow (Origines du riff)
Sawblade (Origines du riff)
RIP (Origines du riff)
Lima (Origines du riff)
91 (Origines du riff)
MTO (Origines du riff)
RL72 (Origines du riff)
Frankenstein (Origines du riff)
CHI (Origines du riff)
X Dust (Origines du riff)

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