Bad Religion / The dissent of a man

Bad Religion - The Dissent of a Man
Bad Religion
LP : The dissent of a man
Label : Epitaph
Date de sortie : 27/09/2010
The Day The Earth Stalled
Only Rain
The Resist Stance
Won't Somebody
The Devil in Stitches
Pride and the Pallor
Wrong Way Kids
Meeting of the Minds
Someone to Believe
Turn Your Back On Me
Ad Hominem
Where The Fun Is
I Won't Say Anything

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le 02/09/10 à 08:55 Par Ted

[-] Re: Bad Religion - The dissent of a man

Ted - 8962 msg
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C'est en 3D le truc?
Chérie, tu prends ton manteau on s'en va...sur le w-fenec !

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