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GAMIGami en mémoire infantile - 29/09

Gami a clippé son nouveau single, intitulé "Kid memorial" qui figurera sur Step by step prévu pour le 17 novembre sur B-Side Prod. [plus d'infos]

Five Finger Death PunchFFDP clippe son jugement dernier - 29/09

Five Finger Death Punch a clippé "Judgment day", une chanson qui figure sur le dernier album du groupe, AfterLife, sorti en 2022. [plus d'infos]

Bruce DickinsonBruce prévoit un nouvel album solo - 29/09

Le chanteur d'Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson sortira un nouvel album solo début 2024, intitulé The Mandrake project. il sera réuni avec son collaborateur musical et producteur de longue date, Roy Z.

NickelbackNickelback de nouveau au top (ou pas) - 29/09

Les canadiens de Nickelback ont clippé "High time", issue de leur dernier album en date, Get rollin'. [plus d'infos]

pink floyd : the dark side of the moonRoger Waters continue ses radotages - 29/09

Roger Waters a partagé une vidéo pour ses deux "nouveaux" singles issus de sa version ré-enregistrée de The dark side of the moon: "Breathe" et "Speak to me" [plus d'infos]

BoygeniusBoygenius est détendu - 29/09

Boygenius a clippé un morceau de leur nouvel album, The record. "Cool about it" a éte réalisé par Lauren Tsai. [plus d'infos]

Soldout-Pull downSoldouT en streaming - 29/09

SoldouT a mis en streaming son premier album long format Pull down. Une sortie signée Music-Records. Go ! [plus d'infos]

Cro-Mags - 2020Du Cro-Mags @ Chicago - 29/09

Un set de Cro-Mags donné au Cobra Lounge de Chicago le 21 juillet est à se faire par ici. [plus d'infos]

The Chemical Brothers-For that beautiful feelingLike The Chemical Brothers stone - 29/09

The Chemical Brothers ont posé des images sur "Skipping like a stone", leur collaboration avec Beck. Le morceau est présent sur For that beautiful feeling sorti un peu plus tôt dans le mois. [plus d'infos]

CordeCorde, l'écrivain - 29/09

Corde a dévoilé un nouveau morceau : "The writer". Le clip se visionne ici même. [plus d'infos]


Sortie disque : Rorcal - Silence

LP : Silence
Label : Hummus Records
Early mourning
Childhood is a knife in the throat
The worst in everything
Extinguished innocence
Hope is a cancer
Constant void
Under the nails
No alleviation, even in death

Sortie disque : Harm's Way - Common suffering

Harm's Way-Common suffering
Harm's Way
LP : Common suffering
Label : Metal Blade
Silent wolf
Hollow cry
Heaven's call
Sadist guilt

Sortie disque : Code Orange - The above

Code Orange-The above
Code Orange
LP : The above
Label : Blue Grape Music
Never far apart
Theatre of cruelty
Take shape (feat. Billy Corgan des Smashing Pumpkins)
The mask of sanity slips
A drone opting out of the hive
I fly
Splinter the soul
The game
Grooming my replacement
Circle through
But a dream...
The above

Sortie disque : Koyo - Would you miss it?

Koyo-Would you miss it?
LP : Would you miss it?
Label : Pure Noise Records
51st state
You're on the list (Minus one)
Life's a pill
I might not
Flatline afternoon
Sayonara motel
Message like a bomb
What's left to say

Sortie disque : Asinhell - Impii Hora

Asinhell-Impii Hora
LP : Impii Hora
Label : Metal Blade
Fall of the loyal warrior
Inner sancticide
Island of dead men
The ultimate sin
Wolfpack laws
Desert of doom
Pyromantic scryer
Impii hora
Foj for helvede

Sortie disque : Bear - Vanta

LP : Vanta
Label : Pelagic Records
Repose beyond fate

Sortie disque : Nervosa - Jailbreak

LP : Jailbreak
Label : Napalm Records
Endless ambition
Seed of death
Behind the wall
Kill or die
When the truth is a lie (feat. Gary Holt)
Superstition failed (feat. Lena Scissorhands)
Gates to the fall
Elements of sin
Nail the coffin

Sortie disque : Wolves in the Throne Room - Crypt of ancestral knowledge

Wolves in the Throne Room-Crypt of ancestral knowledge
Wolves in the Throne Room
LP : Crypt of ancestral knowledge
Label : Relapse
Beholden to clan
Twin mouthed spring
Initiates of the white hart
Crown of stone

Sortie disque : Besra - Transitions

Besra - Transitions
LP : Transitions
Label : Suicide Records
Style : metal progressif
Prison without Locks
Cries & Lamentations

Sortie disque : Primordial - How it ends

Primordial-How it ends
LP : How it ends
Label : Metal Blade
How it ends
Ploughs to rust, swords to dust
We shall not serve
Pilgrimage to the world's end
Nothing new under the sun
Call to cernunnos
All against all
Death holy death
Victory has 1000 fathers, defeat is an orphan

Sortie disque : Karras - We poison their young

We Poison Their Young de Karras

Karras-We poison their young
LP : We poison their young
Label : M-Theory Audio
Prelude to the depths
A Chaplain's breath
Roland Doe
The hermit's anger
Lutheran blade
New pariah
Demons got rhythm
Ritual overdose
Fear me, go fast
The ouija
My aim is violence
Final high
Negative life

Sortie disque : Filth Is Eternal - Find out

Filth Is Eternal-Find out
Filth Is Eternal
LP : Find out
Half wrong
Crawl space
Magnetic point
Roll critical
Curious thing
Into the curve
Pressure me
Body void
The gate
Signal decay
All mother
Last exit

Sortie disque : Steven Wilson - The harmony codex

Steven Wilson-The harmony codex
Steven Wilson
LP : The harmony codex
Label : Burning Shed
What life brings
Economies of scale
Impossible tightrope
Rock bottom
Beautiful scarecrow
The harmony codex
Time is running out
Actual brutal facts

Sortie disque : Nature Morte - Oddity

Nature Morte-Oddity
Nature Morte
LP : Oddity
Label : Frozen Records
Bruises & lace
The pier
Here comes the rain
New dawn
Monday is fry day
Banquet overflow for the mind house
Fireal (Reprise de Deftones)

Sortie disque : Jacket Thief - Lights out on the shore

Jacket Thief-Lights out on the shore
Jacket Thief
LP : Lights out on the shore
Production : Ryan Mall
Label : Cargo Records
Flying too low
A stich in time
Lights out on the shore
Furs and fires
Lord meade lane
A wind gone by
Some kind of murder
The first ones from the skies
Everything but right
Daylight apparitions
As she drifts

Sortie disque : Taotopia - Glitch

LP : Glitch
Press start
Ghost of yourself
Epic win
Queen of pentacles
Taking the blows
Cold as ice
In limbo
Epic fail

Sortie disque : Green Day - Dookie 30th anniversary deluxe edition

Green Day-Dookie 30th anniversary deluxe edition
Green Day
LP : Dookie 30th anniversary deluxe edition
Label : Reprise Records
Having a blast
Welcome to paradise
Pulling teeth
Basket case
Sassafras roots
When I come around
Coming clean
Emenius sleepus
In the end
All by myself
Burnout (4-track demo)
Chump (4-track demo)
Pulling teeth (4-track demo)
Basket case (4-track demo)
She (4-track demo)
Sassafras roots (4-track demo)
When I come around (4-track demo)
In the end (4-track demo)
F.O.D. (4-track demo)
When it's time (4-track demo)
When I come around (Cassette demo)
Basket case (Cassette demo)
Longview (Cassette demo)
Burnout (Cassette demo)
Haushinka (Cassette demo)
J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) (Cassette demo)
Having a blast (Cassette demo)
Christie Rd. (Outtake)
409 in your coffeemaker (Outtake)
J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) (Outtake)
On the wagon (Outtake)
Tired of waiting for you (Outtake)
Walking the dog (demo) (Outtake)
(Live at Woodstock 1994)
Welcome to paradise (Live at Woodstock 1994)
One of my lies (Live at Woodstock 1994)
Chump (Live at Woodstock 1994)
Longview (Live at Woodstock 1994)
Basket case (Live at Woodstock 1994)
When I come around (Live at Woodstock 1994)
Burnout (Live at Woodstock 1994)
F.O.D. (Live at Woodstock 1994)
Paper lanterns (Live at Woodstock 1994)
Shit show (Live at Woodstock 1994)
Live at Garatge club
Welcome to paradise (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
One of my lies (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Chump (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Longview (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Burnout (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Only of you (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
When I come around (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
2000 light years away (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Going to pasalacqua (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Knowledge (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Basket case (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Paper lanterns (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Dominated love slave (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
F.O.D. (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Road to acceptance (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Christie Rd. (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)
Disappearing boy (Live at Garatge club, Barcelona 1994)

Sortie disque : Kaamosmasennus - Le jour ne se l€è€ve plus

Kaamosmasennus- Le jour ne se l​è​ve plus
LP : Le jour ne se l​è​ve plus
L'esprit de l'hiver
First snow
La symphonie des éléments

Sortie disque : Autómata - Heart murmur

Autómata - Heart murmur
LP : Heart murmur
Label : Araki Records
Label : Atypeek Music
Style : Rock instrumental
On a wire
Sad guru
Dead fields
Mad motor
Killing spiders


Ken Mode Angoulême FR - La Nef (+ Fange)

Ludwig Von 88 PARTHENAY (79) Diff'Art

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons DE - München / Backstage Werk

The Third Project Bistro des Tilleuls - Annecy (74)

This Will Destroy You DE Cologne, Euroblast