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Sortie disque : Death Angel - Humanicide

Death Angel - Humanicide
Death Angel
LP : Humanicide
Label : Nuclear Blast
Divine defector
I came for blood
Immortal behated
Alive and screaming
The pack
Ghost of me
Revelation song
Of rats and men
The day I walked away

Sortie disque : Ultra Vomit - Olymputaindepia

Ultra Vomit - Olymputaindepia
Ultra Vomit
CD+DVD : Olymputaindepia
Label : Verycords
Darry coal chamber
Les bonnes manières
Un chien géant
E-tron (digital caca)
Mechanical chiwawa
Je ne t'es jamait autans aimer
Mountains of maths
Boulangerie pâtisserie
Super sexe
Hyper sexe
Pov' connard
Une souris verte
Phoned to death
La ch'nille
La bouillie
Poker face
Pink pantera
Je possède un cousin
Judas prost
I like to vomit
Pipi vs caca
Outro (c'était pas mal là)
Je collectionne des canards (vivants)
Quand j'étais petit
Evier metal

Sortie disque : Dog Bless you - Banksters

Dog Bless you - Banksters
Dog Bless you
LP : Banksters
Label : Autoproduction
Style : Rock alternatif
Are you ready ?
Stronger than walls
Back in the maze
Queens of Dogtown
As the palace bruns
Promise me
Salt of my road

Sortie disque : Pipes And Pints - The second chapter

Pipes and pints - the second chapter
Pipes And Pints
LP : The second chapter
Label : Fly high booking
Style : rock celtique
A million times more
Raise our flag
Shadow on your wall
Rebel in my veins
Diamonds and dreams
Dark into the night
First of defiance
We are the scene
Karma killer
Wait for you


Cocaine Piss Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival, Düdingen (CH)

Francky Goes To Pointe À Pitre Lyon (69) (Jeune Public)