Sortie disque : Dirge - Lost empyrean

Dirge - Lost empyrean
LP : Lost empyrean
Label : Debemur Morti Productions
Wingless multitudes
Hosea 8:7
Algid troy
The burden of almost
Lost empyrean
A sea of light

Sortie disque : Volbeat - Let's boogie! Live from Telia Parken

Volbeat - Let's boogie! Live from Telia Parken
DVD musical : Let's boogie! Live from Telia Parken
The devil's bleeding crown
Heaven nor hell
Radio girl
Lola Montez
Let it burn (feat. Mia Maja)
Doc holiday
Sad man's tongue
16 dollars
7 shots (feat. Mille Petrozza et Rod Sinclair)
Dead but rising
Goodbye forever
Maybellene I hofteholder
The everlasting
For Evigt (feat. Johan Olsen, Mia Maja et Rod Sinclair)
Evelyn (feat. Mark "Barney" Greenway)
Lonesome rider
Seal the deal
The garden's tale (feat. Johan Olsen)
Guitar gangsters and cadillac blood (feat. Lars Ulrich)
Enter sandman (feat. Lars Ulrich)
A warrior's call (feat. Mikkel Kessler)
Black rose (feat. Danko Jones)
Pool of booze, booze, booza
Still sounting


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