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Sofy Major - IdolizeSofy Major fait dans le gaspillage - 30/10

Waste, soit le dernier album de Sofy Major sorti aujourd'hui chez Solar Flare records (Watertank, Membrane, etc.), s'écoute en intégralité sur Soundcloud. Le clip de "We see fire" est à la suite également.
[fr] Sofy Major - Waste: Soundcloud (228 hits)  External  ] [plus d'infos]

T.A.N.K - SymbiosisLes liens du sang de T.A.N.K - 30/10

T.A.N.K a dévoilé le clip de "Blood relation", extrait de Symbiosis, avec en featuring Björn Strid de Soilwork. [plus d'infos]

Praetorian - La face cachéePraetorian en vidéo - 30/10

Praetorian a mis en ligne le clip du même nom. Il est issu de leur album La face cachée dispo sur Bandcamp, Deezer, iTunes etc. et a été réalisé par Brice Hincker de CHS Prod.
[ [fr] Bandcamp (141 hits)  External / [fr] Facebook (143 hits)  External  ] [plus d'infos]

Cult of Occult - Five degrees of insanityCult of streaming - 30/10

Le dernier album de Cult of Occult, Five degrees of insanity, est en streaming intégral sur Soundcloud
[fr] Cult of Occult - Five degrees of insanity: Soundcloud (120 hits)  External  ] [plus d'infos]

Hellfest 2016Hellfest 2016 : la prog - 30/10

Une grosse partie de la prog du Hellfest a été dévoilée et pas mal de noms déjà bien connus du côté de Clisson seront présents mi-juin : Black Sabbath, Rammstein, KoRn, Refused, Converge, Down, Gojira, Mass Hysteria, No One is Innocent, Hermano, Megadeth, Slayer, Ghost, Fu Manchu, Kvelertak, SoIA, Hatebreed, Kadavar, Joe Satriani, Hangman's Chair, les Melvins, Earth, Kylesa, Architects, Walls of Jericho, Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, Torche, Les Sales Majestés, Volbeat, Disturbed... [plus d'infos]


Sortie disque : Khynn - Supersymmetry

Khynn - Supersymmetry
LP : Supersymmetry
Tainted impression
God in hell
Black circles
Breath inside me
Walking dead
Living time
Wasted time
A wild night
Into the supersymmetry

Sortie disque : Puscifer - Money shot

Puscifer - Money shot
LP : Money shot
Grand canyon
Money shot
The arsonist
The remedy
Smoke and mirrors
Life of Brian (Apparently you haven't seen)

Sortie disque : Skindred - Volume

Skindred - Volume
LP : Volume
Label : Napalm Records
Under attack
Hit the ground
Shut ya mouth
The healing
Sound the siren
Saying it now
Straight jacket
No justice
Stand up
Three words

Sortie disque : Birds in Row - Split

WAITC, Birds in Row
Split : Split
Label : Throatruiner Records
Can't Leave
Can't Lie
Can't Love

Empty Decade/Saturnism
Veiled Ax
Empty Mailbox

Sortie disque : Birds in Row - Birds in Row/WAITC

Birds in Row/WAITC
WAITC, Birds in Row
EP : Birds in Row/WAITC
Label : Throatruiner Records
Can't leave (Birds in Row)
Can't lie (Birds in Row)
Can't love (Birds in Row)
Empty decade/Saturnism (WAITC)
Veiled ax (WAITC)
Empty mailbox (WAITC)

Sortie disque : Birds in Row - Personal war

Birds in Row - Personal war
Birds in Row
EP : Personal war
Label : Deathwish Inc.

Sortie disque : Black Stone Cherry - Thank you: livin' live

Black Stone Cherry - Thank you: livin' live
Black Stone Cherry
DVD musical : Thank you: livin' live
Rain wizard
Blind man
Me and Mary Jane
In my blood
Holding on...To letting go
Maybe someday
Such a shame
Things my father said
Fiesta del fuego
Sunshine of your love
Like I roll
Bad luck and hard love
Drum solo
Hollywood in Kentucky
Hell and high water
Soul creek
White trash millionaire
Blame it on the boom boom
Peace is free
Lonely train (Can't judge a book)

Sortie disque : Sofy Major - Waste

Sofy Major - Waste
Sofy Major
LP : Waste
Label : Solar Flare Records
We see fire
Turning point
Slow everywhere
Infinite pill case
Black and table
Iron butt
Devotion man
As happy as (Les Thugs cover)

Sortie disque : Younghusband - Dissolver

Younghusband - Dissolver
LP : Dissolver
Label : ATP Recordings
Style : Dream Pop
Waverly street
Heavy expectations
She lies awake
Broken girls
Blonde blending
Orange flare
Better times
Misguided light
Only for you

Sortie disque : Drenalize - Destination everywhere

Drenalize - Destination everywhere
LP : Destination everywhere
Label : Send the Wood Music
Label : Season Of Mist
Point of no return
Destination everywhere
Hot shaking night
I'll be there for you
Kick your hearts out
Let's get adrenalized
Crazy for your love
Can't stop my heart

Sortie disque : No Money Kids - I don't trust you

No Money Kids - I don't trust you
No Money Kids
LP : I don't trust you
Label : Roy Music
Old man
Vagabond Train
Rather be the devil
I don't trust you
No money kids


The Doctors MuzikCafe - Helmond (PB)

It's Everyone Else Amsterdam Bar - Paris (75) + Ludovik Material + Convulsif + Lord Humungus

Le Rat's (Puget-sur-Argens) black bomb a + breed machine + eon

Vesperine Warmaudio (Décines/Lyon) avec The Prestige et When Icarus Falls