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SybreedSybreed sans batteur - 14/02

Sybreed a perdu son batteur et en cherche donc un nouveau... [plus d'infos]

After 3 years of hard drumming in Sybreed, Alex decided to part ways for personal reasons concerning the band, and musical divergences concerning the new album. Here is what he wants to say: "I wish to thank all the people who made this experience an adventure I will, for sure, never forget. And last but not least, thank to all of you fans!!!"

Now we are urgently looking for a new drummer for the recording of the new album and the following tour. If you are interested, send me an e-mail (

Regarding the new album, we have already 19 songs. Some of them are totally finished, others are close to. We gonna continue to record the demos, in order the choose the best songs for the album that we gonna try to record during this summer.

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