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RockMy favorite song writers - 11/10

Aux USA va sortir My favorite song writers une compile de reprises où on trouvera des titres de Jim Ward (Sparta), Stephen Brodsky (Cave In), MAGO... [plus d'infos]

01. On Elvira Street by Ryan Ferguson
02. These Years by Jim Ward
03. Nekkikyu by Masafumi Isobe/Corner
04. Couple Next Door by Lars Heintz
05. Stranger Than Strangers by Tim Kasher
06. Last Chance by Arabella Harrison
07. Water Me by Dan Hargest/Sextet
08. AM Jam by Derek Fudesco
09. Beautiful Break-up by Stephen Brodsky
10. Furimukuna by Hisashi Yoshino & M.A.G.O.
11. Birthday #2 by Pedro Carmona/Moonpedro and the New Farm Street Orchestra
12. I’d Rather Be Wine Drunk by Robert Nanna /The City on Film

Album info:

This release celebrates the 10th Release Anniversary of Five One, Inc. This is a very special compilation album by Five One, Inc's favorite song writers. All songs are exclusively written and performed by the artists for this project. Featuring solo recordings by Tim Kasher (Cursive/The Good Life), Jim Ward (Sparta), Stephen Brodsky (Cave In), Ryan Ferguson (No Knife), Derek Fudesco (Pretty Girls Make Graves), Yoshino Hisashi (Eastern Youth), Robert Nanna (Hey Mercedes /Braid), Masafumi Isobe (Husking Bee), Pedro Carmona and Lars Heintz (Sister Sonny), Dan Hargest (Pollen), Arabella Harrison (The And Ors). These artists were gracious enough to spend a little time away from their groups and write songs that showcase their individual talents. Many are first time solo artists and offer the listener a passenger seat view at their very first solo efforts.

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