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Terroristars est un groupe espagnol qui cherche à jouer en France et propose des échanges de dates, leur registre est plutôt métal qui défouraille (Chimaira...).
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Hi! I'm N from Terroristars, spanish metal band (a cross between Chimaira, FF and In Flames, but with show a la Gwar). We just released our first record (engineered by Fredrik Nördstrom -In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir- and mastered by Mika Jussila -Children Of Bodom, Therion, Nightwish-) a month ago and we're preparing our tour. We are looking for some french tourdates. We are playing almost everywhere in Spain (300 people venues, FNACs,...) and our company is doing a very decent work. We offer a simple show/tour exchange. We bring your band to open for us (assuming all the costs -from acommodation to van, whatever-; not being a fucking support band but co-headliner) and we ask for the same in France so no money is lost or whatever. Feel free to write us at For more info check out (some parts are still under construction).

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