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Post [15/03] Red City Radio + Pears + guests @ Paris

Posté par crazerecords le Jeudi 26 février 2015 à 11:40
Guérilla Asso, Punkfiction et Craze Records présentent :

► RED CITY RADIO (punkrock - USA - Paper&Plastic / Gunner records)

"What makes Red City Radio so appealing is the way the band balances aggression and melody. The band could be considered melodic hardcore, part of the new guard of punk bands carrying on Hot Water Music's torch. Red City Radio's uniqueness comes courtesy of catchy vocal lines with near constant harmonies, resulting in three different vocalists singing the majority of the time." For The Love Of Punk

► PEARS (punk-hardcore - USA - Anxious and Angry / Gunner records)

"Ryan Young [Off With Their Heads] was not wrong about raving about PEARS. It's very rare that a self-released debut album sounds this amazing and is this original all at once. Typically the songs on this record start with Minor Threat or Black Flag-sound verses, then transition into these extremely melodic choruses, and then the songs go back to being hardcore. This may seem like this can't be done without sounding disjointed and awkward, but this band does it without being any of those things. In fact they have mastered this art." Punknews

► THE MERCENARIES (street-punk / rocksteady - Paris)

Seulement quelques mois d'activité et un EP pour ce nouveau groupe parisien comptant des anciens Street Poison, Salvation City Rockers, Black Stout (et actuels Piss Me Off, The Sarah Connors, Union Jack), mais déjà des 1e parties de choix (The Aggrolites, Mad Caddies) ! Les Rancid français !

► TO THE LAST DROP (celtic punk - Paris)

Punk-rock à cornemuse distillé depuis 2 ans. Premier album à paraître courant 2015. Entre Dropkick Murphys et Blink-182.

dimanche 15 mars
8, passage Thiéré - Paris 12e
métro : Bastille ou Ledru Rollin
ouverture : 19h30
entrée : 6€

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