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Post antillectual: italy, russia and boysetsfire

Posté par antillectual le Mardi 22 mars 2011 à 22:21
Italy, Russia and Boy Sets Fire

As we promised before, we are gonna play our asses off in support of the release of "Start From Scratch!". We are going to Italy and Russia on our own and we will tour across Europe with Boy Sets Fire, over 50 shows in total. But first: have you checked our new album yet? Stream or download (pay-what-you-like) it at or buy a CD or LP from our webstore:

* Italian tour
* Russian tour
* Support for Boy Sets Fire across Europe
* More shows

** Italian tour **

We have been to Italy before, but never this extended. The guys at No Reason Records really did an awesome job getting us shows all over Italy:

24-03 SWI, Basel / Sommercasino
25-03 ITA, Torino / United
26-03 ITA, Castiglione delle Stiviere / Arcidallò
27-03 ITA, Bologna / Lazzaretto
28-03 ITA, Bologna / Acoustic (TBA)
29-03 ITA, Rome / Closer
30-03 ITA, Maddaloni (CA) / New Dream
31-03 ITA, Rende (CS) / B-Side
01-04 ITA, Molfetta (BA) / Macerie
02-04 ITA, L'aquila / Casematte!
03-04 ITA, Vicenza / Jack Hole
04-04 GER, Regensburg / Zimmer 4
05-04 SWI, Oberburg / Müllers `Place w/ Your All Time Favourites

** Russian tour **

Since our new album was released in Russia by Angry Chuck Records, that seemed a good excuse to go there. Neither one of us has ever been there, so we are excited as little kids:

27-04 RU, Ramenskoe / Slam
28-04 RU, Tula / Wekino
29-04 RU, Moscow / Democracy
30-04 RU, Vladimir / CB
01-05 RU, Ryazan' / Dom Kul'tury
02-05 RU, St. Petersburg / Vegan Club
03-05 RU, TBA

** Support for Boy Sets Fire across Europe **

Speaking of little kids: when we were young(er) we grew up on Boy Sets Fire's music and now we are extremely happy to announce we will be doing the support for their reunion tour. There are still some dates (without Boy Sets Fire) to be filled, so please get in touch if you can help us out:

10-06 GER, Sulzbach-Rosenberg / Youth Club Hängematte w/ Tim Vantol
11-06 GER, Weimar / Gerber 3 w/ the Toyotas, The Detectors
14-06 HUN, Budapest / A38 w/ Boy Sets Fire
15-06 PL, Bielsko-Biala / Backstage w/ Boy Sets Fire
16-06 CZ, Prague / Akropolis w/ Boy Sets Fire
18-06 GER, Leipzig / Conne Island w/ Boy Sets Fire
20-06 GER, Nürnberg / Löwesaal w/ Boy Sets Fire
21-06 A, Innsbruck / Weekender w/ Boy Sets Fire
22-06 ITA, Gorizia / Pieffe Factory w/ Boy Sets Fire
23-06 ITA, Milano / Magnolia w/ Boy Sets Fire
24-06 TBC w/ Boy Sets Fire
25-06 GER, Frankfurt / Batschkapp w/ Boy Sets Fire
26-06 NL, Amsterdam / Melkweg w/ Boy Sets Fire
27-06 UK, London / Islington Academy w/ Boy Sets Fire
28-06 UK, Manchester / Moho Live w/ Boy Sets Fire
29-06 TBA / TBA w/ Boy Sets Fire
30-06 NL, Breda / Mezz w/ Boy Sets Fire
01-07 GER, Frankfurt / Batschkapp w/ Boy Sets Fire - SOLD OUT

** More shows **

Is that enough shows for you? Not for us. We have some more:

09-04 NL, Nijmegen / Onderbroek w/ Astpai, One Win Choice
06-05 GER, Bielefeld / AJZ w/ Iron Chic, Underparts
07-05 BEL, Itterbeek / JK De Zomaar w/ Iron Chic, The Real Danger, Underparts, Off The Charts
29-05 NL, Harlingen / de Lichtboei / Rock de Boei w/ Midnight Menace / Cold Blooded / So Called Celeste
30-07 GER, Bausendorf / Riez Open Air w/ Bouncing Souls, Strung Out, Stick to Your Guns, the Blackout Argument, Polar Bear Club, A Traitor Like Judas, Man Overboard, Tim Vantol

Alright, that's it for now. If you like to stay on top of things, follow us at our, and

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