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Les principaux évènements à retenir dans les semaines et mois à venir. TBC : to be confirmed (à confirmer). TBA: to be annonced (annonce ultérieure)

Sortie disque : Eels - Extreme witchcraft

Eels-Extreme witchcraft
LP : Extreme witchcraft
Label : Pias
Amateur hour
Good night on earth
Strawberries & popcorn
Steam engine
Grandfather clock strikes twelve
Stumbling bee
The magic
Better living through desperation
So anyway
What it isn't
Learning while I lose
I know you're right

Sortie disque : The Quill - Live, new, borrowed, blue

The Quill-Live, new, borrowed, blue
The Quill
LP : Live, new, borrowed, blue
Keep on moving
S. O.S. (Too bad)
Children of the sun
Where eagles dare
Keep it together (Live)
Mount everest
Burning tree
Frozen over
Hole in my head (Live)

Sortie disque : Celeste - Assassine(s)

LP : Assassine(s)
Label : Nuclear Blast
Des torrents de coups
De tes yeux bleus perlés
Nonchalantes de beauté
Draguée tout au fond
Il a tant rêvé d'elles
Elle se répète froidement
Le cœur noir charbon

Sortie disque : KoRn - Requiem

LP : Requiem
Let the dark do the rest
Start the healing
Lost in the grandeur
Hopeless and beaten
Penance to sorrow
My confession
Worst is on its way

Sortie disque : Beyond the Styx - Sentence

Beyond the Styx-Sentence
Beyond the Styx
LP : Sentence
Label : Season Of Mist

Sortie disque : KoRn - Requiem

Korn : Requiem
EP : Requiem
Label : Loma Vista Recordings
Style : Métal
Let The Dark Do The Rest
Start The Healing
Lost In The Grandeur
Hopeless And Beaten
Penance To Sorrow
My Confession
Worst Is On Its Way

Sortie disque : Voivod - Synchro Anarchy

Voivod Synchro Anarchy
EP : Synchro Anarchy
Label : Century Media
Style : Trash Metal
"Synchro Anarchy"
"Planet Eaters"
"Mind Clock"
"Sleeves Off"
"Holographic Thinking"
"The World Today"
"Quest For Nothing"
"Memory Failure"

Sortie disque : Slash - 4

LP : 4
The river is rising
Whatever gets you by
C'est la vie
The path less followed
Actions speak louder than words
Spirit love
Fill my world
April fool
Call off the dogs
Fall back to earth

Sortie disque : Thot - Méandres

Sortie disque : Cult of Luna - The long road north

Cult of Luna - The long road north
Cult of Luna
LP : The long road north
Label : Metal Blade
Cold burn
The silver arc
Beyond I
An offering to the wild
Into the night
Full moon
The long road north
Blood upon stone
Beyond II

Sortie disque : Black Map - Melodoria

Black Map - Melodoria
Black Map
LP : Melodoria
Super deluxe
Nothing over me
Capture the flag
Witching hour
Left for dead
In the wires
Burnout (Do you mind)

Sortie disque : Choreomanic - Choreomanic [nl] Choreomanic Bandcamp: Bancamp (1 hit)  External  ]

LP : Choreomanic
Label : Autoproduction
Style : Prog-Funk
This Is Not A Drill
Spun Sugar
What You Get
Red Flags
Walk With Urgency
Off With The Figurehead
Time To Let It Out
Calling God
Take The Money Give It To Me Now
Story About The Moon
Away From The Sun

Sortie disque : Abraham - Débris de mondes perdus

Abraham-Débris de mondes perdus
LP : Débris de mondes perdus
Label : Pelagic Records

Sortie disque : Porcupine Tree - Closure / Continuation

Porcupine Tree-Closure-continuation
Porcupine Tree
LP : Closure / Continuation

Sortie disque : Razor - Cycle of contempt

LP : Cycle of contempt
Label : Relapse
Flames of hatred
Off my meds
A bitter pill
First great hate
Cycle of contempt
Punch your face in
Fist fighting
Darkness falls
King shit

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